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I’m a vegan and srs if you make your pets vegan you’re a fuckhead

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Don’t fuck with your animals diets please, hippies.

'hippies' of all people should be aware of the proper diets for their pets. having a cat — a carnivore — live without meat will make it sick, obese and/or allergic to the extend the wrong diet can even kill it, and dogs, although omnivore, need to have well-balanced diet as well. feeding pets with food they should naturally be eating is caring.

dogs’ needs are easier for people to understand because they are similar to our own — they benefit from different kinds of proteins and carbs and, to remain healthy, have to eat variety of foods. i don’t know if, in theory, dogs could go vegetarian and remain perfectly healthy, but it’d definitely require a lot of research and careful planning.

but cats.

to repeat: cats are carnivore. that means they are predators. their bodies need tons of proteins and just a tad of vegetables and stuff like rice. imagine a mouse; there’s pretty much everything a cat needs. meat, the needed nutrients (from internal organs/bones), and that small dash of whatever the mouse had eaten earlier.

that small dash is all the carbs cats need. eating more than that  can cause obesity, because cat’s body can’t process carbs very well.

that’s also why even most cat foods are bad for kitties. they contain mostly grains and the “meat” is very low quality because real meat is expensive whereas ground hooves, horns, cartilage etc, are cheap. so cheap market foods should be avoided, period. ‘cause cats. need. real. meat.

that doesn’t mean buying and feeding the cat minced meats every day is good for it, either, though. food like that doesn’t have all the nutrients the cat needs. (remember the mouse’s bones, for example?) ideally, a cat’s owner should give their kitty different kinds of meat and organs (heart is the best part) with the right dietary supplement on the side. there are of course good pre-made foods out there, but they are more expensive, even if they are the easiest option especially when feeding a kitten.

cat’s needs are really inflexible.

anyway — basically, pets should always be treated as the representative of their species. cats are not dogs, and dogs are not humans, and the truth is, having a pet means taking responsibility over a piece of nature. it’s not, and it’s not supposed to be, something a human can fully control. it’s a pet’s right to be treated right by them.

that’s also what true animal lovers want. i understand handling meat may feel icky or downright awful if one is truly against it when it comes to humans, but denying animals their natural food means slowly killing them.

if a pet owner cannot understand that, then they shouldn’t have a pet at all.


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