Today it’s all about Kaidan, as usual. Kaidan and Javik.

These guys are my favourite squad-mates in ME3, and the Monestary is the perfect example of why they’re so awesome. See, I bring Kaidan on every single mission because I enjoy his comments. I have since the first game. While other characters might say something really provoking or stupid in certain situations, I know Kaidan will react in a way similar to my own. And even though I enjoy interacting with characters with wastly different opinions and personalities, it’s nice to always have Kaidan around to balance it out.

However, the problem with Kaidan is that I’m ridiculously protective. Seriously.

In the first game I was protective of everyone. If their shields went down I’d step in the line of fire until they were safe, no matter what squadmate was in trouble. In ME2 I wasn’t very protective at all. Everyone was pretty badass, they could take care of themselves.

In ME3 though… Kaidan can take care of himself. He’s more than capable. But if I see a Geth Hunter even get close to him I’ll run up and heavy melee it in the face. Just in case, you know? (also because the heavy melee is awesome, and I love the sound Shepard makes when he uses it, so any excuse to use it is a good one) Sometimes these kind of antics will get Shepard in trouble, but thankfully he hasn’t died because of it (yet).

Then there’s Javik. I love Javik because he’s so damn competent. He’s mean and straightforward, and the balance between him and Kaidan is pretty much perfect.

Kaidan will say “Doesn’t feel right seeing dead soldiers in a monestary.”

And instantly Javik is there, blunt as ever. “Where would you prefer seeing them?”

“Defending their homes. Alive.”

Doesn’t matter what the reapers throw at Shepard, because with these guys by his side he’ll make it through.

There’s Kaidan, who has this odd kind of soothing effect, while still kicking ass, and Javik, who’s just raw power ready to detonate at any second. The Monestary is still scary as hell, but when these guys say they have Shepard’s back I believe them. I’m even able to turn my back on the dark rooms without scanning every inch of them first, and that’s pretty damn impressive.

… Damn, now I’m all cranky because I don’t have Javik. You made him sound so awesome. ;__;

I have the standard edition, and I’m sure as hell not going to pay extra money for a character that is part of the game I BOUGHT but didn’t get because lol, I didn’t want to spend almost 20% of my monthly income on a game (the collector’s edition cost about 80 euros, right?) I didn’t even expect to like. (I mean, I’m not best friends with ME2. Frankly, I don’t even like it. I like Thane and Tali and Jack and some of the loyalty missions and combat is kind of fun but otherwise the game isn’t my cup of tea.)

*ranting incoherently about day one dlcs*