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hey tumblr. just a quick question and then I’ll go.

bars in Mass Effect. what are they?

there’s Flux and Chora’s Den in ME1, and Purgatory in 3, plus Eternity on Illium and Afterlife on Omega, but what was the bar in Citadel in ME2?

I tried to check the wiki but… I failed. ^^’

viridianpanther replied to your post: why on earth do they limit the save games one can…

Not quite as infurating as ME1’s inventory system, though…

well… true, I guess. what were the designers thinking? ‘hey! this is perfect. no need to stack the same items or allow players to organize them by type or whatever. who would use a function like that?’

and then

'pff, so you didn't like the inventory? well fine, YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE AN INVENTORY.'

Bioware, you… just don’t know how to take feedback, do you?

why on earth do they limit the save games one can make


I hate you Bioware. I hate you so much.

… and why don’t you allow us to name our saves? It would make keeping track of these ~50 saves~ you allow us to have a lot easier.

Kaidan through the trilogy.

omg I just played ME3 and recognized Bailey’s voice actor

(yes, I’m slow.)

I’ve always associated Captain Bailey with Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica, and now I realized why

Michael Hogan voices Bailey


mind = blown