They used to stage fights here. Pit me against other kids.

I loved it.

i decided to play engineer this time because i haven’t tried that before, and i’ve been bitching about it all this time, because, hell, a) no long-range weapons, b) most of the damage done with abilities that have common cooldown time, which is damn long, c) no headshots i need more headshots

i had to lower the difficulty from insanity to veteran and i was so proud to play on the hardest mode earlier sob

so, anyway, imagine my reaction when i got a sniper rifle on the collector ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yyyeah now we’re talking

i don’t care if it doesn’t make sense storywise i just want to snipe things headshot headshot headshot headshot

no cloak tho but idk maybe it just made things too easy whatever

Erin Shepard

  • Earthborn
  • Sole Survivor
  • Engineer
  • mixed alignment, more renegade than paragon
  • lesbian
  • hot-tempered but iron-willed
  • made in CC in about two minutes and tweaked in Gibbed’s for hours

halp i broke my shepard’s lips with gibbed’s what am i gonna do

no i don’t have a backup

and suddenly i really, really, like really want to play me2 with dudeshep and romance jack like for real

or femshep

but that’d require some modding i guess?? and there’d be no voice acting?

idk, femshep/jack fYEAH